Pointe Shoe Shellac

Pointe Shoe Shellac

Les Cygnes
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Shake before use

•Make sure there is nothing inside your pointe shoes (no toe pads, drawstrings, lambswool etc.)

•Apply Pointe Shoe Shellac evenly INSIDE the TOE BOX and INSIDE the TIP of the shoe. If you put Pointe Shoe Shellac on the outside of the shoe it will stain the satin.

•NOTE: If there is a sponge padding, it is not recommended to shellac the sponge or it will harden

•Apply Pointe Shoe Shellac to the SHANK on the inside or outside of the shoe only if you need more support for your arch or ball of foot

•Pointe Shoe Shellac is not recommended for the wings of the Pointe Shoe

•If harder shoes are desired, after first application, let shellac dry and then apply a 2nd coat of shellac. Repeat if necessary.  1 coat for less hardness and up to 3 coats for very hard

•Check that the inside of the shoe is completely dry before wearing.